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About Us

2021–2022 TRANScend Community Impact Fund Request for Proposals (Closed)


What We Do

Supported by Gilead Sciences, the Destination Tomorrow TRANScend Community Impact Fund will address the disproportionate impact of HIV within Transgender communities with a specific focus on supporting grassroots organizations. The program will be national in scope and largely prioritize organizations led by or primarily serving Trans communities including grassroots initiatives. The program will prioritize organizations serving those areas that are disproportionately impacted by HIV, including southern regions of the United States.


About Destination Tomorrow

Destination Tomorrow is a grassroots agency and the LGBTQ+ center of the Bronx borough. It is our belief that no individual should have to leave his, her, or their neighborhood to access LGBTQ specific services. It is our belief that all LGBTQ young people deserve a space to grow, learn, and flourish. It is our belief that people, regardless of their sexual identity or gender expression, deserve a space they can call their own. Through its comprehensive programming and services—both in-house and referral based—we work diligently to make sure Bronx LGBTQ+ community members, and those who love and support them, have this space. We also offer capacity building to agencies who wish to work with LGBTQ communities but lack the cultural competency, expertise, and space to do so.

Mission Statement

We here at Destination Tomorrow: The Bronx LGBTQ Center believe that it is more helpful to empower our most vulnerable TLGBQ+ community members in a way that takes them off the path of needing emergency care; therefore, our organization emphasizes economic, social, and mental empowerment through a variety of holistic educational, financial, support-based, housing, and health programs.  


As we provide consistent, necessary, and empowering resources to TLGBQ+ clients, we envision a future with and for them that avoids crisis situations through action plans and connection to community. 

Our Team


Ms. Mimi Shelton, M.S.Ed (She/Her)

Director of Trans Initiatives

is a black, queer, trans woman educator and Director of Trans Initiatives. She has lived in New York City for the past four years and is originally from Louisa County, Virginia. Prior to her position at DT, Mimi taught middle school English in private schools in NYC and Philadelphia. Mimi received her bachelor's degree in English and African American studies from The College of William and Mary and her Master's of Science in Education (M.S.Ed) from the University of Pennsylvania. Her pedagogy, research, and facilitation emphasizes diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for underrepresented students and faculty, especially BIPOC TGNCGNB, at all levels of education. Her publications include a blog post for GLSEN entitled “4 Ways You Can Support Black, Queer, Trans & GNC Educators Today” (2019) and a written contribution within Charity-Hudley, Dickter, and Franz’s (2017) The Indispensable Guide to Undergraduate Research: Success in and Beyond College. In 2020, Mimi was a featured talent in the Dove Pride 2020 Campaign, “Nothing More Beautiful,” directed by Tourmaline.


Mr. Sean E. Coleman (He/Him)

Founder and Executive Director

is the founder and Executive Director at Destination Tomorrow where he oversees the organization’s LGBT Community Center located in the South Bronx.  Economic Empowerment is the cornerstone of services at DT, offering clients skill building programs and services that provide academic enrichment as well as professional development.  Mr. Coleman is the managing partner of Sean Ebony Coleman Consulting, a consulting firm that specializes in working to increase Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement strategies for LGBTQ communities and consults for the Transgender Strategy Center, a collaboration of transgender led consultants.  Mr. Coleman is the first African American of Transgender Experience to operate an LGBT Center in New York City history and plays a key role in advocating for policies that directly impact the lives of millions of LGBTQ New Yorkers.

Additionally, Mr. Coleman manages Gilead’s TRANScend Community Impact Fund.  This million-dollar fund supports Trans-led organizations working to improve the safety, health and wellness of the Transgender community.

Currently, Mr. Coleman is a part of Gilead’s National Transgender Advisory Group and Bronx Community Board 1.  Mr. Coleman is an active member of the House and Ballroom scene, providing resources to those calling the ballroom scene home.  Mr. Coleman has been recognized in the City and State 2019 Bronx Power 100 List, and Metro Sources’ LGBT People we Love.  Mr. Coleman has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes and the Advocate.